(He's So) Wonderful

Written by V. Davis and Theodore Frye

Soul Stirrers    Sam Cook, SR Crain, Jesse Farley, Bob King, RB Robinson, Paul Foster


Sam changed the lyrics and then recorded the songs She's so Wonderful and Lovable under his own name. Lovable (under the name of Dale Cook at first) was his first secular single.

Recorded February 2, 1959 at Master Recorders in Hollywood

Produced by Art Rupe

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Singles    Specialty 892 b/w Farther Along (it sold 21,600 copies)



Wonderful, God is so wonderful
he's wonderful, God he's wonderful

The Lord is my shepherd, he's my guide
Whenever I need, the Lord will provide
And praise my lords name
I know he's so wonderful

And O, he's wonderful and I better believe
The Lord is wonderful, oh yes he is
And O, he's wonderful, I know the Lord
he's so wonderful

And O, if you never tried God, try the Lord one day
And see when my father come down and make a way
And O, i can't help it but love God
he's so wonderful, wonderful etc.

He's been my mother and my father too
There's no limit to what my Lord can do

and O, I love God, he's so wonderful