End Of My Journey

Arranged by S.R. Crain from a traditional written by Lucie Campbell


Soul Stirrers:   

Musicians    Piano - most likely Faidest Wagoner    /    organ and drums unknown

Recorded February 17, 1953 by J.W. Alexander at Universal Recorders in Hollywood

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Singles: Specialty 851 b/w He'll Welcome Me



wow singing if when you give
the best of your service
telling the world that the savior has come
you be not dismayed
when men don't believe you
I know he'll understand
and he'll say well done

misunderstood, O Lord
the savior of sinners
how did he die on the cross
tell me he was God's only son
singing o, hear him call
to his father up in heaven
crying not by will
till ?? be done

when I come
to the end of my journey
I'll be waried of life
tell me that the battle will be won
I'll be carrying the staff
and the cross of redemption
I know he'l understand
and he'll say well done

well done
you know that he'll understand
he'll say well done